Beginners Guide

We should have the capacity to feel where the base of our curve is to strike the ball from the center of the club face (on both a flat and vertical plane) furthermore to make the ideal dispatch conditions.

Tee Height

We are meaning to hit the ball in the focal point of the driver face so generally speaking attempt and tee the ball at such a tallness, to the point that a large portion of the ball is over the highest point of your driver face. Too high and you'll either swing under neath the ball or be compelled to make conformities in you're swing. Too low and you'll hit the ball from the base notches of the club face conferring a lot reverse-pivot and costing you separate

Control the Bottom of Your Arc

It is basic with the driver that we are clearing the ball neatly off the tee and propelling the ball forward. To soak an assault and you may sky the ball and you'll positively get undesirable twist. Place a couple tees in the ground about with around 2" over the ground. Take various practice swings attempting to cut the tee about most of the way up and not reach the ground.


To enhance your familiarity with the stature of the base of you swing bend say to your self after every hit where on the tee you struck. Either top, center or base. When you can achive the center stature reliably you won't just enhance your edge of methodology additionally locate the center of your driver face

A considerable measure is made of weight move yet the motivation behind why a learner may remain focused back foot is their goals to lift the ball up into the air. It is likewise therefore that the same tenderfoot has a breakdown of the wrist and arm structure coming into the ball.